Edition 2018 fully booked

On the 4th of March 2018 we reached the limit of participants that can join the 2018-edition of the Airborne Freedom Trail. You can only list yourself on the waiting list. Send us an e-mail at trail@bridgetobridge.nl with your name and distance (18, 28 or 44 km) you are interested to run.

Freedom Trail – September 8th, Arnhem, The Netherland

Historical route in Colonel John Frost’s footsteps

Retrace the steps of the airborne forces of the famous 1st British Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden. Relive the sights, sounds and smells of history as you run the Trails along historical buildings and dugouts where soldiers suffered enormously, fought ferociously, and earned the highest awards of bravery, through the beautiful moorland surroundings of Arnhem. The Freedom Trail is a unique Trail to experience!

The Airborne Freedom Trail – a modern way of commemorating
Last year’s first trail (limited edition) turned out to be a great success. Therefore the first international edition of the Freedom Trail will be organised again on Saturday September 8th  2018. An event that combines running in nature, memorizing World War II and its victims, and celebrating our freedom.

About this trail
Run 18km, 28km or 44 kilometres in the beautiful surroundings of Arnhem. The 44K trail starts at the Ginkel Heath (Ginkelse Heide), the exact point where John Frost’s soldiers got dropped off from the plane in 1944. The start of the 18KM and 28KM takes place at the national sports centre Papendal. Trailrunners pass historical sights like drop- and landingzones, the Airborne museum, the Arnhem-Oosterbeek Airborne war cemetery and the old church in Oosterbeek.

Besides the interesting memorial sights, the distance in combination with the elevation offers the best  Trails in the Netherlands. The finish is located directly near the famous John Frost Bridge (‘the bridge too far’) in the historical centre of Arnhem. The ultimate goal for all Trailrunners that day.

A brief look at the history of operation Market Garden
Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne and glider operation in history, was carried out by three Allied airborne divisions. To ensure the success of Operation Market Garden, the Allied forces had to capture the bridge in Arnhem (now named the ‘John Frost Bridge’). But the light-armed airborne forces of the 1st British Airborne Division stood no chance against the SS Panzer Divisions that happened to be in the area. After desperate fighting and many casualties this Arnhem bridge proved to be ‘a bridge too far’.

The Battle of Arnhem (17 – 25 September 1944) meant nine days of brutal fighting which resulted in the failure of operation Market Garden. As a consequence, the north and west part of the Netherlands could not be liberated.

The bridge to bridge trail run is organised by the Bridge to Bridge foundation in cooperation with MudSweatTrails.

The Bridge to Bridge run & about Bridge to Bridge Foundation
The Bridge to Bridge foundation is established in 1984 during the 40th commemoration of the battle of Arnhem. Since 1984 the Bridge to Bridge foundation organizes the Bridge to Bridge road race every year. On Sunday September the 9th, around 6.000 people will run the Bridge to Bridge road race (3M, 6M & 10M). In this way we create the opportunity to experience the memorial activities in an alternative way. At the same time the Bride to Bridge running activities are a motivation for many people to keep up or to increase their active lifestyle. Run to remember freedom!

About MudSweatTrails
MudSweatTrails is the platform for Trailrunning in the Netherlands and Belgium. MudSweatTrails organizes trailrunning races, daytrips, clinics and provides guided trailrunning tours abroad (for example to Swiss, Lanzarote, Mont Blanc region etc.). Sharing passion and knowledge is key.

Welcome to Arnhem, the green and creative capital of the province of Gelderland!
The bustling city of Arnhem has plenty to offer. You can shop for hours and hours in the city centre and the Fashion Quarter (Modekwartier), enjoy the nightlife or the spectacular natural surroundings in one of the city’s parks. There are also all kinds of creative events to visit, such as the Arnhem Fashion Festival. Alternatively, you could spend the day at one the top attractions, like Royal Burgers’ Zoo or the Netherlands Open Air Museum (Nederlands Openluchtmuseum). These attractions draw many millions of visitors every year and there’s something for everybody.

Arnhem is green! Arnhem is located in the midst of spectacularly green surroundings with the Veluwe national park on one side and the flood plains area on the other. In the city itself you will find impressive trees, delightful parks and magnificent country estates. There are also many exceptional gardens and, not to forget, the beautiful green avenues in and around the city centre.

Arnhem is creative! Arnhem is home to the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, which offers higher education courses in, among other subjects, visual art and fashion. This is one of the reasons for the numerous fashion ateliers in the city centre and the Fashion Quarter. Arnhem’s diverse and unique range of shops attracts visitors from home and abroad and amidst all of those shops, you’ll find countless cafés and restaurants located around charming squares, small courtyards and along the banks of the Rhine as well.

Arnhem oozes culture! It is the home of companies such as Introdans and the Gelders Orchestra, with performances held in the city’s magnificent theatre, the GelreDome football stadium and a wide range of small(er) theatres and venues.

Arnhem has a rich history! Besides being a green and creative city, Arnhem also has a rich history. This is evident all over the city with its listed buildings and impressive architecture. The city is also famous for the Battle of Arnhem which took place in and around Arnhem from 17th to 25th September 1944 as part of Operation Market Garden.

Hotel suggestions
We have two hotel suggestions:

  • Hotel Papendal is located at the Dutch National Training Center for Olympic Athletes. This training Center, named Papendal, is also the start location of the Freedom Trail. You can book a bustransfer from the finish in the center of Arnhem back to Papendal at your subscription for the Freedom Trail.
    Book your room at Hotel Papendal using this link
  • Hotel Holiday Inn in the center of Arnhem close to the finish of the Freedom Trail. You only have to arrange your transport to the start at Papendal. Use this link to book a room at Holliday Inn.